Solve “I Can’t Poop” Problems – Live Free, Eat Free

Many people have gone through the stages of the “I can’t poop” problem. Most, if not all, have already taken the doctors prescribed drug. They were happy to finally get a relief from the abdominal pain they are suffering with. This is because the bowel issue have made them can’t poop for days. Worse was when this problem made them can’t poop for a week or even more.

The medicine was truly successful in taking the pain away but this did not last long enough to make them free. Majority of the case have shown that after taking their medicine, the pain really subsided but the bowel disorder continued and later on the pain is still there. They take the medicine again, and still, the same thing happens all over. And so the irritable bowel disease seems to be incurable.

If you are the sufferer, aside from wanting to remove the pain away, you would also want to know what to do when you can’t poop. In fact, there are several disregarded things that help cure irritable bowel. These simple truths are already covered by science as medicines are always the first things that doctors would prescribe to the “I can’t poop” patients. For the science experts, the irritable bowel syndrome is not curable and the pain can only be relieved by drugs. Take note that such bowel disorders do not only look into the problem of “I can’t poop.” It is also referring to the syndrome when you can’t stop pooping.

Several books have offered many cures for the bowel disorder issues. After trying every single bit of information contained in it, you would realize in the end that they are still failures. The system presented by Rachit Dayal in his book “Goodbye IBS!” shows his detailed experience as an irritable bowel syndrome sufferer for many years. He also discloses how he had discovered the cure for such bowel conditions. The regular intake of foods such as yogurt, plum, fibers and a lot more help reduce any bowel conditions. The fiber is best for those who have constipation as it softens the stool making it easy to come out. There are also several foods that have to be taken with the daily diet in order to hasten the cure of bowel problems.

It is important to be finally free from the “can’t poop” illness. If you think it is just normal to have irritable intestine because of your hormonal cycle, well you are wrong. You can actually have all the freedom to eat what you want and be at the right place at the right time without having to think about getting that pain any moment. As a sufferer, it is you who need to help yourself first. Relax yourself and get that permanent relief that you would cherish forever. Enjoy every occasion and eat all you want. Stop taking digestive drugs and have your digestive system healed in the soonest possible time.

If you are pregnant and can’t poop; if you are asking yourself “what can I take for constipation?” or; if you are just a plain person who is suffering digestive and bowel disorders; you have to act now and  reward yourself the liberation from embarrassment and discomfort. The “can’t poop” problem that keeps on bugging you will only leave you miserable. Set yourself free and enjoy life as you should.

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