Top 5 constipation reasons

Constipation affects many people, a common digestive problem. These are the top 5 reasons for constipation.

  1. Regular exercise prevents constipation in most people. Activity stimulates the colon, and maintaining good muscle tone is crucial for regular bowel movements. Both the abdominal wall muscles and the diaphragm are essential in defecation. If these muscles are weak, they’re not going to do the job as well.
  2. Fiber is vital for regular bowel movements, which may be compromised by a low-fiber diet. It increases the size of the stool and facilitates its passage through the digestive system. A diet that is low in fiber can lead to constipation.
  3. Drinking sufficient water is crucial for healthy bowel movements and preventing dehydration. When you’re dehydrated, your body will try to conserve water by absorbing more of it from your stool, which can make it harder and more difficult to pass.
  4. Some medications may lead to constipation as a side effect. These include antacids that contain aluminum, antispasmodics, antidepressants, tranquilizers and sedatives, bismuth salts, iron supplements, diuretics, anticholinergics, calcium-channel blockers, and anticonvulsants.
  5. Alterations in routine: changing your usual schedule can also lead to constipation. Traveling can cause issues for some individuals due to disruptions in their regular diet and daily routines. Aging often affects regularity by reducing intestinal activity and muscle tone.

In less serious cases, there are self-care steps that may help with constipation.

  • Engaging in activities like swimming or walking regularly.
  • Opt for high-fiber cereals and legumes to boost your fiber intake.
  • Stop waiting or suppressing the need to defecate.
  • Stay away from processed or fast foods, white bread, doughnuts, and pastries.
  • Hydrate yourself by consuming more fluids, particularly water.
  • Repeated bleeding from the rectum.
  • Stool that is black and sticky, known as melena.
  • There are no bowel movements at all