Are prunes better dry or fresh for constipation

Prunes are widely utilized as a home remedy for constipation, and there exists substantiated evidence to validate their efficacy. Based on a systematic review of four trials, it was concluded that prunes outperform psyllium in enhancing stool frequency and consistency among individuals with constipation.

A different clinical trial discovered dried plums (prunes) to be more effective than psyllium for treating mild to moderate constipation.

Prunes have high fiber content, aiding in bowel movement regulation and faster stool passage. Sorbitol, a natural laxative, is also present in them, softening stool for easier passage.

Both dry and fresh prunes are effective for relieving constipation. Nevertheless, dried prunes are the most used and studied in research. Prunes have over twice the amount of sorbitol and more fiber than prune juice.

It’s crucial to remember that eating prunes or drinking prune juice in large quantities can result in increased gas and are high in sugar and calories.
It’s advisable to limit the consumption of prunes or prune juice.