Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.

I have been using this treatment off and on for a long time. I have tried many other treatments but this one has remained my favorite over the years. I started with the recommended four capsules the first time I tried it and that caused me to have to run to the bathroom countless time the next day. Luckily, I started this on a weekend so I was safe from missing any work. After that, I went down to two pills and found that those were enough for my sensitive system. Obviously, the amount each person needs to be affected correctly is going to differ. From that point on it worked exactly as any good colon cleanser should. I was feeling lighter and cleaner every day that I used the product. The one thing I do want to remind people about though is that you should give yourself at least a couple hours between the last time you eat and when you take this at night. When you take these capsules and drink a couple glasses of water, you start to feel really full. If you already have a full stomach and add the capsules and water to it, you are probably going to run into some stomach pain, which can be highly frustrating if that is what you’re trying to relive yourself of. I now do a colon cleanse with the Oxy- Powder capsules once every six months just to make sure I keep my system nice and healthy.

I find this review somewhat difficult to write because it is a topic so few people actually want to talk about. I gave it some consideration and figured that since Oxy-Powder has helped me I owed it to people like myself to share my experience. In general, I would have to say that this product has done wonders for me. For years, I have had to deal with on and off constipation problems. I have a heavy fiber diet to begin with but there are still times that I need a little extra boost. I typically just go for laxatives but I felt that it would be better for me to try something a little more focused on cleansing my entire colon. After looking at several different options I figured that this would be the best one to try based on other people’s reviews. Something that steered me towards this product as opposed to many of the other products like it that are out there was the fact that it doesn’t contain Psyllium. A friend of mine that does a colon cleans one or two times a year informed me of some issues he had with Psyllium. Apparently it can cause bloating and constipation in some people so for someone who already has constipation issues I knew I had to stay away from anything with Psyllium.

One thing I do have to warn about though is that you really should follow the instructions. I took four pills to begin with and only had one bowl movement so I figured I would double my does. That mistake kept me in the bathroom for a considerable amount of time. After that, I went down to five capsules and the next day six. I have found that the sweet spot for me is the six capsules a day. They have been keeping me regular with two to three bowl movements a day. I feel like my body is releasing all kinds of toxins that have been holding me down and I feel like I actually have a little more energy when I wake up in the morning. The thing I love most about this product is that even after finishing my week on these capsules I still have enough left over that I will be able to do two more colon cleanses before I have to order anymore. When I told my previously mentioned friend about how this product worked for me and its price per colon cleanes, he knew he would have to give it a shot as well. He hasn’t gotten his order yet but I am going to encourage him to write a review on this as well.