How to fix constipation hints

Constipation is a widespread problem faced by many people. It can be caused due to numerous factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise or water intake and even medications taken for other health conditions. Here are some tips that may help you overcome the issue:

1) Increase your fiber consumption through fruits like apples, berries etc., vegetables like broccoli, spinach etc. Drink plenty of fluids such as water or fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated and avoid dehydrating drinks. Exercise regularly by doing light exercises that can help you stay active throughout the day.

2) Avoid eating high-fat food, processed meats like bacon etc., dairy products such as cheese or milk which are known to cause constipation in some people. Instead of these items try consuming more fruits and vegetables that can help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

3) Avoid taking medications without consulting your doctor first, especially if they have been prescribed for other conditions as it may lead to side effects such as constipation. Overall, the key is to eat right, exercise regularly and avoid foods that can cause or aggravate constipation.