i cant poop – Best “I Can’t Poop” Solutions


If you can’t poop for days or if you can’t stop pooping, it is highly possible that you are suffering from an irritable bowel disease. You would know if it is a bowel disorder when it already bothers you and you are no longer acting normal about the situation. If you limit yourself to what you can eat and if you prefer short distance travels to make sure that you won’t get into any shame from a bowel condition; brace yourself and face the reality that you have to find a solution to this irritable bowel syndrome.

An “I can’t poop” issue is what we can simply call constipation. A person suffers from this if there is a difficulty in eliminating stool. Normally, the people who suffer from this take laxative to temporarily relieve the pain and occurrence of the problem. But this can’t poop problem can be avoided by adding fibers in your daily diet. The fiber contents of foods are known to soften the stool making it easy to pass. However, too much intake of it may cause gas in the stomach resulting to bloating. Watch out for your level of intake so as not to further aggravate your poop problems. It is best that you write down the food that you have taken that could have possibly triggered your bowel conditions. Before taking any medicine, consult a doctor first and take medicines upon his recommendation.

A loose bowel or diarrhea is the opposite of the “I can’t poop” problem. Here, the issue is that you can’t stop pooping. You would just feel going to the wash room anytime and anywhere. The tendency is you will not be comfortable in any situation you are in since you will be anticipating for a “call” once your stomach started aching.

Many extensive researches have been done to disprove the current belief that there is no cure for digestive and bowel disorders – whether it is an “I can’t poop” or “can’t stop pooping” issue. So far, aside from taking medicines, natural remedies to cure and avoid it have been advised by a lot of books around. These include the change in lifestyle by changing the daily diet.

Certain foods are known to have been causing bowel syndrome. It is observed that dairy products like cheese and ice cream can trigger irritable bowel. Fatty foods also add to the list of delectable stuff that has to be avoided or taken into small amounts. Sorry to the coffee lovers but caffeinated and any type of carbonated drinks are also prohibited if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.